Engineered solutions for every material handling challenge

Increase productivity: Air Caster™ products increase productivity, saving you time and money. Nissan used Air Caster™ technology to solve ergonomic challenges without implementing a robotic work cell. Learn more: Read our Case Studies and Testimonials here.
Air Bearing Definition: Air bearings, perfected by Air Caster™, use a continuous film of flowing air to eliminate friction, allowing easy movement and positioning of heavy loads. Air Caster™ air bearings can move up to 36,000 pounds per bearing.

Why industrial engineers rank Air Caster™ solutions No. 1

Lighten your load. Air Caster™ LLC is the original authority on the heavy move, helping you move equipment that weighs in excess of 150 tons (more than 300,000 pounds).
Service that performs. Our team specializes in solving complex material handling problems. Whether you’re moving the largest industrial equipment oil rigs, military equipment, airplanes or a railroad car, Air Caster™ can make it happen.
Durability, guaranteed. Air Caster™ products last longer than any other air bearing product on the market. We’ll even help you rebuild a competing product after it’s failed.