Why Air Caster Solutions

Why Air Caster Solutions? Here are the top 10 reasons:

  1. The heavy move authority: Air Caster Solutions™ LLC is ranked No. 1 by industrial engineers and buyers.
  2. Custom-engineered solutions: Air Caster Solutions™ solutions are engineered to exceed your requirements or corporate standards.
  3. We’re the original: Air Caster Solutions™ founder, Jerry Stemple, perfected the first square air bearing based on technology developed by General Motors in the 1960s.
  4. Durability: Air Caster Solutions™ technology moves the heaviest loads and outlasts all alternative systems.
  5. Experience: Air Caster Solutions™ technology, first developed by our founders more than a twenty five years ago, have more experience than our three largest competitors combined.
  6. A focus on quality: Our products out-last our competitors, and we focus on achieving the highest quality standards in every part we produce.
  7. Military-grade solutions: Our products exceed military quality standards, and our products can easily move the heaviest tanks. M1 Abrams military tanks weigh 54-62 tons and Air Caster Solutions™ equipment can move more than 150 tons.
  8. Transform your workload. 150 ton electrical transformers can be moved with ease when boosted by Air Caster Solutions™ movers.
  9. Refurbishing services. Our technicians can rebuild other air bearing products to Air Caster Solutions™standards. Call us – we can help.
  10. Reliability. From the durability of our products to our experienced technicians, you can count on Air Caster Solutions™ to safely, efficiently and ergonomically engineer the heavy move.