Air Pallets

Engineering the Heavy Move:


Air Caster Solutions™ Air Pallets

Air Caster Solutions™ air pallets and transporters are equipped with air bearings that support and move heavy loads on a thin film of air. This air film eliminates friction, allowing loads to be moved with only 1/10 the amount of force that would be required on wheels.


  • Mold and die handling
  • Transfers between crane bays
  • Assembly line movement of product or subassemblies
  • Heavy construction
  • Heavy electrical
  • Automotive
  • Moving loads into test cells, quality labs, inspection moves
  • Moving machine tools and process equipment
  • Assembly fixtures


  • Custom design services to meet specific load sizeAir pallet
  • Customizable top deck size
  • Welded structural steel
  • Load capacities ranging from 4,000 to over 300,000 pounds

Technical Specifications