Adjustable Height Platforms

Air Caster Solutions™ Adjustable Height Platforms

Adjustable Height Platforms adjust the work surface to ergonomically correct heights when working height changes because of machine, product or tooling height or when the height of the operator varies.

Air Caster Solutions™ Adjustable Height Work Platforms and Custom Adjustable Height Platforms allow operators to adjust their working height for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Ergostand and Custom Adjustable Height Platforms are available in both standard and custom sizes, which include:

  • Heavy steel construction for a firm, steady support deck.Adjustable height platform
  • Fully adjustable throughout lift range.
  • Easy height adjustment with standard or customized controls.
  • Easy installation. Simply connect to plant air supply line.
  • Call us with your specifications or to request an on-site visit to discuss your application.

Technical Specifications


Adjustable height platform
Adjustable height platform