Case Studies

Case Studies


Auto manufacturer needs strongest possible solutions

Situation: One of the world’s largest automakers needed eight conveyor systems with tilt tables that would carry any type of container and withstand any foreseeable challenges.

Solution: Air Caster Solutions™ solutions include all-steel construction to hold up against the “fork truck abuse” coming from constant loading/unloading of containers and racks. We furnished custom-engineered truck floor mounted bumpers to prevent conveyor damage.

We also developed heavy duty conveyor rollers that will work with most types of containers. Customers like that we can accommodate their unique material handling challenges.


OEM needs 200 dolly lifts quickly

Situation: Global OEM opens new body shop, requiring 200 dolly lifts.

Solution: Air Caster Solutions™ furnished 200 dolly lifts. The manufacturer reported “We didn’t have one problem with any of them, which is unheard of.’’ The company ordered more lifts for its other plants in Detroit and Canada due to the satisfaction from the previous 200 dolly lifts.


Defense Contractor: ‘Can you make these work?’

Situation: Defense Contractor needed multiple hydraulic AHPs, turntables and lift tables and competing systems overhauled.

Solution: The Air Caster Solutions™ team reworked multiple competitor turntables and provided multiple accessories for existing lifts including pedestal controls and safety skirting at the engine line, repairing hydraulic leaks and getting everything set back up in record time.


Only Air Caster Solutions™ equipment withstands harsh foundry conditions

Situation: An OEM metal casting plant needed new lifts, buying from several suppliers at once to see which would work best in their brutally hot foundry section.

Solution: “Air Caster Solutions™ lifts are the only ones still running,’’ the plant manager told our team. Now Air Caster Solutions™ lifts are the only lifts they buy.