Ship Yards

aerospace2Shipbuilding has been traced back, by some estimates, over 120,000 years ago, but the Industrial Revolution is really what made possible the use of new materials and designs that really altered the shipbuilding industry. Today, the massive shipyards are almost a city unto themselves, with prefabricated, multi-deck hull sections being transported across the yard to the building dock then lifted into place.

To move these sometimes enormous sections of welded steel, great planning and care has to be undertaken to ensure not only that no damage occurs to the hull, but also the safety of the many workers in the surrounding area.

The original and leading authority on the heavy move, Air Caster Solutions™ material handling equipment is perfectly suited to meet the design, manufacturing and ergonomic requirements facing the shipyard industry. Easily able to move machines and materials in excess of 150 tons, our heavy load-moving platforms are custom engineered for each shipyard’s distinctive assembly situation.

oilgas1Shipyard solutions – Air Caster Solutions’s simple, yet economical and effective technology is ideal for moving and positioning loads. For instance, working with a smaller ship builder, we designed and built four individual auxiliary lifting units that would be inserted under and existing wheeled frame for transporting boats in and out of the showroom.

This auxiliary lift also included Air Caster Solutionss, which once activated, allowed the boat to be transported across the showroom floor with ease and without causing any type of flooring damage.

Some examples of our product groups that can be fully customized and built for various shipyard applications include:

  • Air platforms
  • Load lifters
  • Heavy load transporters
  • Portable gantry systems

Engineered to order Our engineers tailor the performance of our products to meet your specific needs. We work closely with your engineers, production logistics personnel, and Tier One and Tier Two suppliers to deliver the most reliable, safe, ergonomic and durable material handling equipment in the industry.

oilgas2Pneumatic and more – Air Caster Solutions equipment has the advantage of being pneumatically powered, which is the company’s core competence. Pneumatics require no electricity, are clean running, and require very little maintenance, and can be designed based on customer requirements. However, our solutions can be tailored to your specific handling need, as we are equally adept at engineering hydraulic, electro-mechanical or mechanical material handling solutions as well.

Durability – Designed to last, Air Caster Solutions equipment is built specifically for industrial environments using all steel construction. Our applications are designed to the highest safety standards, able to withstand heavy loads, high cycle times and frequent fork truck abuse.

Quality – No matter your industry or customer, we pride ourselves on the quality of products we design and build. Whether it’s the materials we use, overall function, weld appearance, paint and finish, or packaging, we deliver excellence.