defense1As the leading manufacturer of custom material handling equipment, Air Caster Solutions™ is where U.S. military and defense contractors turn when looking for solutions to lighten and rapidly deploy their heaviest loads.

Certified systems industrial engineers know they can count on Air Caster Solutions’s expertise to safely handle loads in excess of 150 tons. Moving large, intricate defense vehicles, such as an M1 Abrams military tank, weighing in at 54 to 62 tons, is not an issue with any of Air Caster Solutions’s load-carrying systems.

Defense solutions – Whether it’s moving missiles, tanks, fighter jets or even cargo planes, Air Caster Solutions has the custom engineered solution. Air Caster Solutions has years of experience dealing with the most stringent of military specifications, meeting or exceeding these requirements for every project no matter the size or scope.

Some examples of our product groups that can be fully customized and built for defense applications include:

  • Air platforms
  • Heavy load transporters
  • Turntables
  • Load lifters

Engineered to order Our engineers tailor the performance of our products to meet your specific needs. We work closely with your engineers, production logistics personnel, and Tier One and Tier Two suppliers to deliver the most reliable, safe, ergonomic, and durable material handling equipment in the industry. We’ve developed specific heavy material handling solutions for multiple divisions of the military including: White Sands Missile Range, Lawrence Livermore National laboratories, Sandia National Laboratories, Oakridge National Laboratories, Los Alamos and more.

defense2Pneumatic and more – Air Caster Solutions equipment has the advantage of being pneumatically powered, which is the company’s core competence. Pneumatics require no electricity, are clean running, and require very little maintenance, and can be designed based on customer requirements. However, our solutions can be tailored to your specific handling need, as we are equally adept at engineering hydraulic, electro-mechanical or mechanical material handling solutions as well.

Durability – Designed to last, Air Caster Solutions equipment is built specifically for industrial environments using all steel construction. Our applications are designed to the highest safety standards, able to withstand heavy loads, high cycle times and frequent fork truck abuse.

Quality – No matter your industry or customer, we pride ourselves on the quality of products we design and build. Whether it’s the materials we use, overall function, weld appearance, paint and finish, or packaging, we deliver excellence.