About Us

The Air Caster Solutions™ Story: Company History

Air bearing technology was discovered by accident in the early 1960s when a gigantic GM display frame being used at the Detroit Auto Show crashed to the floor. As it fell, it captured a pocket of air in its frame and gently floated to the ground on a natural cushion of air. Engineers who witnessed the fall were intrigued, and decided to replicate it with the help of GM’s investment in the technology.

One of the original engineers working to further developing air bearing technology was Jerry Stemple, who would later leave GM and start Air Caster Solutions™ in 1990, the first and most prominent company dedicated to using air bearings to engineer heavy moves.

As the company grew, Air Caster Solutions™ developed other products utilizing pneumatics as the basic lift premise growing its product offering and expanding the range of solutions it could offer manufacturers.

Upon Stemple’s retirement in 2013, Air Caster Solutions™ was bought by Barton Manufacturing. It remains a strong and growing company built on a reputation of providing industry-leading products that outlast alternatives.

Having a full complement of standard products, combined with the ability to customize applications for any ergonomic or material handling application, has insured continued success for the company, its employees and customers.