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Pneumatic Lift and Tilt


Scissor Lifts


Air Caster Solutions manufactures a wide variety of ergonomic scissor lifts, ergonomic lift tables, tilters and other equipment for container handling, vertical lifting and work positioning. Our equipment is custom designed around customer specification and engineered to withstand continuous duty, harsh environments. Our material handling equipment is designed to improve worker productivity while reducing the potential for workplace injuries.

Pneumatic Lift and Rotate


Pneumatic Lift And Rotate


Pneumatic Lift


Air Caster Solutions line of Fork Free Ergonomic Equipment is designed specifically for lifting carts and dollies for ergonomic operator loading and unloading. Working with the automotive industry, these cart scissor lifts work especially well with line side delivery carts used in fork-free manufacturing operations. Designed to exceed industry standards, customized to meet customer specification, our line of Fork Free equipment is designed to solve assembly line ergonomic challenges.

Pneumatic Dolly Lift and Rotate


Dolly Lift And Rotate