Air Caster Solutions™ LLC launches new website

DECATUR, Ill. – Air Caster Solutions™ LLC, the original and leading authority on the heavy move, rolled out its new website Monday featuring improved order forms and responsive design to make it easier to meet customer needs.

“Air Caster Solutions™ growth has been in the double digits and needed a website that provided our customers with a very intuitive and interactive interface giving them exactly what they need on any platform and allowing us to respond quickly to their needs,” said John Lay, Air Caster Solutions™ General Manager.

Air Caster Solutions™ material handling solutions primarily focus on serving manufacturers including the automotive, aviation, military and commercial markets.

Other Air Caster Solutions™ services include Applications Engineering, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Electrical, Industrial and Mechanical Design, along with Delivery and Life Cycle support.

The company also provides new product development, legacy modernization and custom manufacturing services.

What are air bearings? Air bearings, perfected by Air Caster Solutions™, use a continuous film of flowing air to eliminate friction, allowing easy movement and positioning of heavy loads. A true Air Caster Solutions™ product easily moves anything from 1,000 to 36,000 pounds per air bearing. Multiple air bearings work together to move the heaviest loads allowed by any industrial mover.

About Air Caster Solutions™ LLC: Air Caster Solutions™ is the leading manufacturer of ergonimic material handling equipment including heavy load-moving platforms, lift tables, industrial turntables and a variety of products using air bearings. Headquartered in DeCatur, Ill., Air Caster Solutions™ partners with Barton Manufacturing with three facilities totaling more than 200,000 square feet utilizing the latest welding and fabrication processes along with complete CNC machining capabilities.